Facet not displaying max values

I have a list_price facet in my data that doesn’t seem to build the range correctly or I have it set up incorrectly.

More or less I have a real estate DB with values going up to about 12 million. In the backend of Algolia and on my range slider the values are listed as list_price (min=0, max=3950000) but if I happen to drill down to an area with higher valued homes, the range corrects itself and shows the max value properly? The preferred behavior would be to display the max value on init.

Any recommendations on what to try to increase that range to an actual max value would be greatly appreciated.

My data looks like the following

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Hey @landmark, Can you please check if every object in your index contains the list price in number format? Algolia can return mis interpreted ranges if the value is in string in some record.

Try applying a facetFilter of list_price: 3950000 on your index and check the object returned.


Hi @landmark, to add on what @harshmaur said (thanks a lot!), do you think you could provide us a live url where we can see your issue and give us steps to reproduce the bad behaviour?


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