Facet values not returned

I’m working on a pretty large index, with over 200k records and need to retrieve some hierarchical facets. Each result page contains 60 hits and all the facets, typically it is about 150kB for each response. I notice that sometime one of the hierarchical facets not returned. But if I wait for a while and retry the search, the full data will be returned.
Is there some throttle for the search process and how I can avoid/work over it?

200K records by itself is not an amount of records our engine should have trouble with.
However, depending on which features you’re using with your search queries and the current load of the cluster when testing, we might indeed choose to optimize some queries and not return exhaustive data.

You can learn more about this here:

You can check if the engine considers its response exhaustive by looking at the exhaustiveFacetCount boolean in the response.

Hi @Jerska,

I understand that the engine will not exhaustively process facets at some cases to optimize speed. The thing I’m concerned is the inconsistency of that behavior. For the same query, sometime the search result contains exhaustive facets, sometimes it doesn’t. Now I know current load of the cluster will affect facet values too.

Thanks for your answer.