facetFilters query for specific, non documented case

Hi. I have a question regarding facetFilters query

I checked the documentation and there seem to be lacking an example when I want this:
(attribute1:value OR attribute2:value) AND attribute3:value but inverted.

So, my example would be
(attribute1:value AND attribute2:value) OR (attribute3:value AND attribute4:value)

Thank you.


Thank you for contacting us.

For performance reasons, filter expressions are limited to a conjunction between groups of filters.

It is not possible to write (filterA AND filterB) OR (filterA AND filterB).

This, however, would be possible:

(filterA OR filterB) AND (filterA OR filterB)

You can read more about all the possible syntaxes in our documentation.

Note that the filters parameter is a more modern approach than facetFilters, but both have the same capabilities.

Best regards