Faceting does not change


When I’m editing a facet type on the configuration panel in the Algolia App on Shopify :
I click on “menu”, then I save, and when I check if the change is effective, the facet has return to “conjonctive”.

Any idea?

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Sorry for the frustration and thanks for the report! :slight_smile:
I’ve just deployed a fix for your issue, I expect that if you reload the page and retry, everything should run fine. The issue was related to us using the type to find the facet to update, and not the other way around.

You can see the updated ChangeLog here: https://community.algolia.com/shopify/changelog.html

Great it works!
The facet’s headers does not appear by the way

Any idea?

And (maybe I should open another thread, tell me), but is it possible to display Algolia search in other pages?
→ I want to build my website on Algolia’s shoulders, so when you click on a collection page, you see the search with a facet already check, but with some custom description (like on the mockup below)
Is it possible?

About the header, a new version has just been deployed (ChangeLog).

Using it will be straightforward if you haven’t done any changes to our front-end code:
Just reinstall us in your theme in the Settings tab.

About the collection’s search, I’ve just created a topic to discuss this: Usage on collection pages .


thanks for your really quick support. Unfortunately, it did not worked for me → Recherche – Pousse.fr

Sorry about that!
I would suggest you to try again, since the code in your front-end doesn’t seem to have the update.

Apps > Algolia Search > Settings > Install to a new theme > Select again your main theme and continue the process.

It works for the headers thanks a lot!
I’m definitely sorry to ask so many questions :pensive:
I’ve another question/bug about facets. When I choose facets → disjonctive it still works as conjonctive facets. When I’m looking on the Algolia dashboard, it works as disjonctive, and in my shop conjonctive.
And (I hope), last question, do you know how I can translate the “clear all” button on the filters? To translate your plugin I’m changing the code, but maybe there is a simpler way?

No worries, I’m glad I could help you fix your issues and answer your questions, my goal here is for you to have the best experience possible while using the integration!

About the disjunctive facet, I’m assuming you talk about “Particularités”?
Could you detail the behavior you’re expecting?
A disjunctive facet role is to make an OR between its own selected filters and to list alternative options but is still subject to being refined by the other refinements, and that’s what I’m seeing on your website.

About the translation, at the moment, you’re correct, it’s not at all convenient. I should actually add at least a documentation block listing all the places where you can find text which needs to be translated.
This one is definitely tricky, and sorry about the time you probably lost looking for it!

It is actually in a library we’re using, you should replace the currentRefinedValues block in the assets/algolia_instant_search.js.liquid file by this one:

    // Current refined values
        container: '.ais-current-refined-values-container',
        cssClasses: {
          root: 'ais-facet',
          header: 'ais-facet--header',
          body: 'ais-facet--body'
        templates: {
          header: 'Filtres',
          clearAll: 'Tout enlever', // <= New line here
          item: instant.templates.currentItem
        transformData: function (data) {
          data.label = algolia.facetTitles[data.attributeName];
          return data;

I’ve just deployed a change that makes this line explicit in new installations of the front-end for future users bumping into this issue.

If you were to reinstall us in your front-end, you’d be able to see it, but I wouldn’t recommend you to do that because it would override the other changes you’ve made.

Great it works for the clear all :wink:

For the disjonctive filter, when I click on one filter, then another, it should “lower” the number of products displayed, and it’s look like it’s a conjonctive the products because the number of products that are displayed is increasing. You can see it on the stats (that are displayed :none ).

Great news :slight_smile:

About disjunctive vs conjunctive, it’s actually the opposite of what you described.

  • Disjunctive represent an OR between the filters.
    brand is a good disjunctive filter, because products can only have one, but you might want to select a few brands when searching.

    1. When you click on “Apple”, the results get restricted to Apple products, but the list of available facet values is showing other brands.
    2. When you click on Samsung, the amount of products increases because you’re now looking for both products from Apple OR from Samsung.
  • Conjunctive represent an AND between the filters.
    tags are a good conjunctive filter candidate.

    1. When you select one, it will list only the products matching that tag and list all others tags those products have.
    2. If you select a second one, then the list of results will shrink because we’re now looking for products that both have the first AND the second tag.

I hope this was clear!

Ah ok great!
It was as simple as that ^^
thanks again !