Faceting multiple Size filters

Have anyone tried to utilize multiple filters for the same thing before?

The use case is that we have various product types, but some PLPs will contain all of them.
So let’s take the example of shoe (size, e.g. 38), laces (size, e.g. 120cm) and socks (size, e.g. 38-40).

One way is to try and get around the various product groups with regex and do a grouping in the FE.
But it would be neat if we where able to instead of having a general “size” filter, could have a “size_shoe”, “size_lace” and “size_sock” - Which the FE then can use to build the UI.

But the issue is when a value have been selected in “size_shoe”, then there are no facets returned for “size_lace” and “size_sock”. Have anyone got an idea if this is possible?

If there is only one facet type where this is needed, I could get around it by doing a double query. One with the size facets applied for fetching the products to show and another without the size facets, as a way to get the facet data to build in the UI. But doing a double query doesn’t seem optimal

Essentially I want to give the user the ability to apply an “or” on 2 or more different filters.