Facets and disjunctiveFacets with server-side rendering

Hi, I’m server-side rendering using React InstantSearch Hooks and am coming across a confusing issue.

I have a Refinement List with an attribute of brand.

When I’m not server-side rendering, InstantSearch’s uiState stores 'brand' inside an array called facets.

However, when I am server-side rendering, upon inspecting the serverState, 'brand' is inside an array called disjunctiveFacets.

In this situation, the default components, such as Refinement List, no longer work and I get the error.

Error: Cannot refine the undeclared facet brand; it should be added to the helper options facets, disjunctiveFacets or hierarchicalFacets

I’m trying to figure out, when using the same setup and components, why is this happening only on the server?