Facets array is empry

I am using magento 2.1.6 EE version and recently I installed Algolia which was perfect !!!

after that I tried to add new facets and checked with new values I added.but there after I couldn’t see the left panel in the instance search result page with default options. (price,category etc)

then I removed the added facets and tried to get back the default behavior.but it didn’t show even the options but the search result (right panel)

when i checked the header the facets array is empty.

Can you please explain if i am doing something wrong ?

Appreciate your help on this stage

Hello @kalidusachinthal,

can I ask you for a screenshot of your facet settings?
By default it should look like this:

When you add new attributes there and those attributes won’t show on the frontend, please try to reindex your data. It’s possible that those attributes were not indexed by the initial reindex.

Hi @jan.petr

Thank you for the quick response

This is what i am getting in the initial installation (2.1.6 EE)

I did a reindex after installing the module.but my front end looks ok

How can I add new custom attributes to filtering option on front end. ? what are the next steps ?

Again thank you very much


Hi All

Any one having this problem ??

Hello @kalidusachinthal,

you just add those attributes to the table I sent you before.
If it’s empty, you can add any attributes you want to filter on.
When you do that, don’t forget to reindex your products.

Let me know how it goes. Jan

Hi @jan.petr

problem now is I can not add any attributes in facets. the drop down is empty . what is the issue here ??


Do you have any attributes in Products’ attributes to index table? If not, it’s really weird that it all got wiped out.
Can you add it back?

Hi @jan.petr

Thanks for the help.now it is working correctly.but product name is not appearing now.is it due to not indexing correctly ?

Thank you for your help.

Yes, it might be the reason.
First please make sure you have put the name as attribute to index and set it as searchable and as retrievable.
If this is the case, please try to reindex your data and the take a look to Algolia dashboard if the attribute is correctly indexed.

HI @jan.petr

Yes That was the reason and your solution works perfect !!!

Suppose I need to add some data in front end besides Name,Rating,Price etc . like

  1. I am going to add a Quick View link when user Hover to product.so I have to add a link.
  2. Add product count for Configurable products.and display this Config. Pro. has this number of Simple products

What would be the best approach to do this without damaging to algolia code base. Please advice.

Thanks for the Support

HI @jan.petr

Any Update on this.? Because my client is trying to get this module and he needs to know how the process is goes ? please advice


My email address is kalidusachintha7@gmail.com