Facets being deleted on Sync using Magento 2 extension

Hi, we are using Magento 2.4.2 w/ Algolia module v3.1.0
One of the issues we are having is that every time the cron job runs to sync products some of our facets get deleted [“type_id”, “sku”, “stock_qty”].
Is there any way to prevent it without having to resort to custom back-end events?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi! Could you detail what you mean by facets being deleted ?
Are they removed from the records data? are they removed from the Algolia facets settings ?

Thank you!

Hi Jerome, they are being removed from the Algolia Facets settings.
sku, type_id and in_stock simply get deleted.

In Algolia:

In Magento we have as follows:

In Advance settings we added the type_id

Hi @dterzano,

Instead of using the Advanced tab, I would create a backend event to add all your facets that are not available in the drop down, as mentioned in the other post regarding type_id.

This way you can append the new attributes at the end of array built for attributesForFaceting.