Failed to index after changing email

We are facing a strange issue here. When we change our vendor email address ( to the client email address (, we encounter an error message saying that we need extended quota.


We are on the community version because we are helping to do this for a non-profit organization.

Can you please share what the problem might be?

Hi @simon1

I think the problem is not about the “extended quota” part but about the fact that your record number 27 in objectID = 151 is too big. As stated here , all records must be lighter than 10kb (10 000 bytes).

Your record is 56 897 bytes so that why it’s refused. No plan can change that so I guess the “Contact us […]” part is a generic one.

Please tell me if it helps :slight_smile:

We’ll try it out and get back to you. Thanks @pierre.aurele.martin

@pierre.aurele.martin is right.

The record you’re trying to send to Algolia is bigger than the 10kb limit that Algolia allows for each record. If you need help regarding size reduction of your records, think that you only need to send to Algolia the fields of your records that are either related to search, ranking or front-end display, the rest can be safely removed.