Feature Request - Direct SKU Match Search Redirection to PDP

Background: When our customers know the exact SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for a product, they expect to be taken directly to that product’s page to save time. Currently, entering an SKU into the search bar provides a list of search results, which may include the desired product, but also displays other items. This could potentially slow down the shopping process for our customers who already know what they want.

Feature Description: We request the development and implementation of a feature that enhances the search function of our Magento 2 Algolia integration to recognize when an exact SKU match is entered into the search bar. Upon identifying an exact match, the system should automatically redirect the user to the corresponding product detail page (PDP) for that SKU, bypassing the search results page entirely.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. When a user enters a valid SKU in the search bar, the system should automatically redirect to the corresponding product’s detail page.
  2. If the SKU entered does not match any product exactly, the system should display the search results as it currently does.