Feature Request: DNS Proxy to load js assets and route API requests through my domain

Feature Request:

Can Algolia add a DNS proxy feature similar to Segment.com DNS Proxy to avoid data loss due to browser privacy third party domain blocking?


Apple Safari browser v14.5 (released April 2021) introduced the opt-in ability to block third party domain cookies and scripts. In Safari v15 (released Sept 2021) blocking was enabled by default. The majority of our website users are using Safari, and we experienced a significant loss of data in Google Analytics because Safari would not load the analytics.js file from google-analytics.com third party domain. At any point, Safari may start blocking Algolia third party domain javascript or cookies.

Our Solution:

As other browsers adopt similar measures to protect user privacy, the best mitigation we have experienced has been to load all .js files from our first party domain, and send all outgoing HTTP requests from the browser to our first party domain.

Segment.com offered us a great solution using their DNS Proxy feature. I would love to see this type of feature in Algolia so that we don’t lost search functionality while the browser privacy battle rages on.

As soon as we switched to Segment to load our analytics.js file and proxy the HTTP calls through our first party domain to segment.com via AWS CloudFront, we saw immediate increase in our web analytics data. We estimate 60-80% web analytics data loss from April 2021 to December 2021 before we switched to Segment DNS Proxy solution.

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