Field missing in dashboard dropdowns

We’re currently in the process of building a client website with graphql and react.js / gatsby.js.

We successfully uploaded our content to the the desired index and the content is completely visible in the algolia „Indices“.

However, we just cannot select one field under the „Display > Attributes to retrieve“ select box. No matter how often we create a new index and push the content, the desired field just does not show up in the dashboard dropdowns. It IS included properly in the index, though. Can anybody advise?

Hi there !

The attributes listed in that widget are only a suggestion. We take a small sample of your records and grab the field names from there. Maybe those fields don’t appear in those records ?
In any case, you can always add any arbitrary attribute : just type the name and enter !

You might get a warning that you can safely ignore.

I hope this helps !

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your quick reply, very helpful indeed.

However, our initial problem is not solved, the value is still rendered as “undefined”. While we can display other fields like

hit.Category or hit.Title in our react app successfully,

always returns “undefined”. However, it IS there at the index. I really don’t understand why…