Filter By Hierarchical Facet Values

I’m building a Laravel app (using Laravel Scout) in which I’d like my users to be able to filter products by the categories in my category hierarchy, which looks like this:

Electronics > TVs > Flatscreen TVs

I’ve created hierarchical categories within my product entries in Algolia like so:

categories: {
lvl0: "laborum"
lvl1: "laborum > ut"

However, when attempting to use a facetFilter on the search call (see below), all objects are filtered out and no results are returned, even when the category specified exactly matches one of the entries in the category hierarchy.

      function (SearchIndex $algolia, string $query, array $options) use ($request) {
            $options['facetFilters'] = [
            return $algolia->search($query, $options);

Where am I going wrong here?