Filter exact data by multiple fields in object from array

Hi team!
I have an array of badges with fields:

{ badges: [
      title: "bufu",
      color: "#E2001A",
      priority: 1,
      startTime: "2022-02-09T10:00:00.000+0100", 
      endTime: "2022-02-09T15:00:00.000+0100",
      startDateTimestamp: 1644397200000,
      endDateTimestamp: 1644415200000
      title: "Sale",
      color: "#E2001A",
      priority: 2,
      startDateTimestamp: -8640000000000000,
      endDateTimestamp: 8640000000000000,

According to the documentation, I added date_timestamps to filter by dates.

With filter by dates and title, I expect to receive empty an array, but I still can see the data in hits, because dates match to second object in array.

  "filters": `(badges.startDateTimestamp <= ${} AND 
   badges.endDateTimestamp >= ${}) AND 

expected result (filters check if the condition matches each field in the object):

{ hits: [] } 

but I receive array with 2 objects, because startDateTimestamp and endDateTimestamp match fields in second object with title: "Sale".

How can I filter data where my filters check if the condition matches each field in the object?

Thank you!