Filter on 'minimal optionalFilters score'


I would like to set up a filter of the type “at least X matches”.
Explanation with a concrete example - although dummy: I want to filter my smartphones on their access to 3G, 4G, 5G networks and I only want those who have at least 2 networks among these three.

=> I would like a product, with a list type attribute, to only returned as a result if it has “at least n values ​​among the m values ​​provided” on a particular property.

The optionalFilters allows me to sort my results, but not filter them.

(In terms of concepts, it seems to me that it looks like the search by proximity, with a ‘radius’ which would correspond to the minimum number of values ​​that must match)

For example, my need is solved, in SQL, with having count.

If you have an idea for a solution based on Algolia’s query language, I’m interested!

Thank you