Filter results for page based on URL (partial match)?

Hi wonder if you could help me i need to prefilter a page based on the results in my url (mod rewrite) then facet the results ie

I have a page …/shop/brakes/bmw/

i want the page to show only results that match a field called Make : “BMW” and another field called PartName : “Brakes”, the PartName field would not ness be an exact match, PartName is usually a long title such as “BMW BRAKE DISCS FRONT REAR & Pads”

I The want to then facet the car models under BMW ( i have a field called Model) this will show all the models in the Model field, ie 1-Series, 7-Series, X5 etc etc that have a partName with Brakes in.

The page is PHP and im using the search.js given in the examples

Thanks for your time!

Make : “BMW”
Model : “X5”
PartName : BMW Drilled BRAKE DISCS FRONT REAR & Pads"

Hope thats clear enough :slight_smile: