Filter search based on city paramtner

Here is my search index schema :

  title: 'something',
  commonFields: {
    city: 0,
    price: '100$',

I want to filter search result based on given city number.
For example i just want to search in the city number 0.

I’m coding with react, so i’m using react-instantsearch.

How’s possible

Hi there,

First you need to add a facet on this field. You can do it with specifying as a facet.
You can do it by using the dashboard or an API client.

Then you can use a refinement to filter on this facet:

Does that answer your question?


Thanks rcs for the quick reply

That’s right … but i need to activate one of the facet items by default
I’m getting the current city from cookie and then i should pass it to the Algolia search somehow to filter it accordingly.

Its possible ?

Oh … i just found defaultRefinement props which will do it

Thanks …

Now i just need to hide the face list