Filter tags by React InstantSearch

Hi! I use React InstantSearch. And I wanna filter tags by React InstantSearch.
Is it possible? If then, how can I do that?

Hi @neosarchizo,

You might want to look into the RefinementList widget of our React InstantSearch integration. It seems to be the filtering widget you are looking for.

Have a good day!

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Hi @chloe.liban
Thanks for the reply. I have read this doc.
The doc said algolia uses _tags attribute.
But RefinementList doesn’t use it.
Isn’t there a react component for _tags?

Hi there,

Using the RefinementList widget, you can specify any attribute you want to use with the attribute props. Be aware that this attribute should be declared as Attribute for Facetting for it to work properly (,

Have a great day!

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I see. Then I will use RefinementList! Thanks!!