Filtering based on the conjunction of multiple nested attributes within an object array

   _shirts: [
      colour: "red",
      size: "large"
      colour: "blue",
      size: "medium"


Suppose I have a bunch of clothingStore objects that are structured as given in the example above. Each clothingStore sells an array of shirts, where each individual shirt can have a colour property and a size property.

Is there a way for me to filter for stores that sell, for example, large blue shirts?

I have tried using a conjunction of filters against the _shirts.colour AND _shirts.size fields, but the conjunction of these filters seems to hit clothingStores so long as each filtered field is individually matched by at least one shirt item.

For another way of putting it…
What I Want: Find all clothing stores that sell large, blue T-shirts.
What I Don’t Want: Find all clothing stores that sell large T-shirts and blue T-shirts.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!