Filtering on same attribute with a mixture of ANDs and ORs

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to have multiple filters in an array having multiple fields? I have job_applications array which itself is an object, it contains two fields that I need, job_position_id and status_key . I need an AND filter between them.

Let’s say I want the results only having job_position_id:id_1 AND status_key:status_2. The facetFilter for such would be: ["job_applications.job_position_id:id_1", "job_application.status_key:status_2"]. (correct me if I’m wrong here). But for some of the results, I get job_position_id:id_1 having status_key:status_1 or some other status, which I definitely don’t want. By looking at the results, it looks like there is OR somehow.

Raw query:"", {
 "getRankingInfo": true,
 "analytics": false,
 "enableABTest": false,
 "hitsPerPage": 10,
 "attributesToRetrieve": "*",
 "attributesToSnippet": "*:20",
 "snippetEllipsisText": "…",
 "responseFields": "*",
 "explain": "*",
 "maxValuesPerFacet": 100,
 "page": 0,
 "facets": [
 "facetFilters": [