Filtering options in dashboard?

Hi everyone!
I’m really new to Algolia, so this question might be silly…
I uploaded about 60-70 articles with content to the index, and defined a lot of synonyms. Is there any option, in dashboard, where I can set that if only one word matches, don’t give back the article as a result? With the current settings it doesn’t show just the relevant articles but everything that contains the query word even just once. I already made some ranking, so these articles doesn’t show up first, but is there a filtering option for this?

Thanks in advance!

HI @kemenesi.balazs, we don’t recommend indexing large bodies of content for this reason. We recommend pulling keywords from the content that you would like the article to be found for and adding another ‘keywords’ (the name doesn’t matter) attribute and add that to your searchable attributes list. This way only articles that are relevant will appear for the keywords you specify instead of words that may show in the content but aren’t really relevant.

Hi, Thanks for checking it!
I was thinking about a text classifier so it can tag the articles.