Filtering out Algolia Hits on the Front End

I would like to formulate my question as simply as possible, without complicating it, sorry and thanks!

Is it possible to filter out the Algolia Query Hits received on the front end?

For example:

I receive a list of all the products we have set on Algolia. I would like to filter out those Hits on the front end with a list of products available to be bought that we receive from the BE. So pretty much filter out the products from the Hits Query which are not available for the user to buy.

Algolia Hits Query: [{name: Product 1}, {name: Product 2}, {name: Product 3}, {name: Product 4}];
BE Product List: [{name: Product 2},{name: Product 3}];

Filtered Hits should be:
[{name: Product 2},{name: Product 3}];

Also, would the Refinement List be able to show the number equal to the Filtered Hits list, and not the unfiltered Algolia Hits?