Filtering Results not additive

Hi, my name is Carlos, Im a graphic designer and prepress specialist from Costa Rica. Im new to algolia so be kind :smiley:

Im currently working on a simple product catalog built with algolia for a client, and i’ve been asked to change the search results behavior, this is what the client asked for:

When im browsing, I click on a category and I get the correct results (everything ok) BUT when I click a SECOND category, it is ADDED to the previous result. I want the default behavior to be that only one category can be listed at the same time, so every time I clic on a new category, the previous one gets unselected… is it possible?

Sorry if my english is not very clear, i’ll try to explain further if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for all the help.

Bienvenido Carlos - what Algolia client/plugin are you using?

Conceptually you just need to flip your refinement operator from ‘and’ to ‘or’.

I don’t have any experience with the plugins (e.g. Shopify), but if you’re using Instantsearch here are the related docs.


Hi @carlosmorales

To add on @chad answer, it seems that the behavior that you want is the one from the menu widget. Indeed with the menu widget, you can only select one item at a time, which seems to be what you’d like.

Let us know if that help fix your issue.

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Hi everybody, I’ll see what comes out of this and I’ll let you know. Thanks you very much!

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