Filtering string value from apikey

Just wanted to find out if i’m mis reading some of the docs, regarding filtering on the api key. i have items with a cover image and i want to tell the api key to filter out any cover that has a string of default.jpg or null. the example in the docs is:

filters: '(category:Book OR category:Ebook) AND author:"JK Rowling"'

so in my case i’ve written it as:

filters: `${someotherfilters} AND NOT cover: "default.jpg" AND NOT cover: null`

However when reindexing this, no items arrive back. Is this the correct way to write it?

Hello @nritsonsa

I think this is related to the fact that Algolia does not support filtering on null/false values. As a workaround you can set cover: 'unknown' in your data and then the filtering should work :+1:

Cheers, Maxime.

Thanks, i tried without the null and just had the:

cover: "default.jpg" 

and had the same issue, should this part at least be working?