Filters/numericFilters doesnt work


been using Algolia for a long, long time, however something has changed with our filters:
This has been taken from the API LOGS:


The “data.eventInfo.formattedDateTime.epoch” appears in both Facets and Searchable Attributes options:

Algolia will return something that is out of the specified range.

I just don’t get it, it used to work just fine until 6 months ago

Thanks for the help!

That syntax looks right to me. Any chance something changed on your index configuration? Like did you explicitly define numericAttributesForFiltering?

If you have a codesandbox or could past in the full search query here, it might help see what’s going on.

Where should this be defined? I haven’t use setSettings in my code at all,
if it helps, here’s the query code:

You guys have access to my account btw

Hi there, you numeric filter is off, by a few orders of magnitude. The lower bound is 1649721600, with 10 digits (correct) and the higher bound is 16499808001800, with 14 digits (incorrect). That would encompass quite a lot of numbers indeed, including 1650209400.

Wanted to give an update,
the filters works fine, JS didn’t work as I expected, rather than adding to the EPOCH time, it just really, added it so it was STR1800 rather than adding it to the stringified number :frowning:

resolved :slight_smile: