Filterting problem using replica index

I am using replica index for dynamic sorting. When I use normal index filtering working perfectly, but when I use replica index filtering is not worked. Please help, it’s urgent.

Hello @debdeep.sircar,

Can you describe a bit more what is your issue, what are you trying to achieve, what is the result you expect and what do you have now?

Thank you.

Hello iam4x,

Thanks for your response, Actually I want to implement algolia search using filtering concept and sorting concept. Depending on the documentation, I have set replica indices and also ranking attribute for dynamic sorting (price[asc], price[desc], popularity etc.). After setting replica indices I am able to sort dynamically, no problem. But when I use replica indices for dynamic sorting filtering is not working properly. If I use primary index then filtering is working but sorting is not working.

Alright, what library or tool are you using to integrate Algolia in your application/website?

I am using normal algoliasearch and autocomplete js to show suggestion on search.

Hi iam4x,

Any response?