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We stumbled upon Algolia - and there was an ‘aha’ moment where we finally found a way to make search look and feel great.

We are using autocomplete.js as per Algolia documentation, along with PHP implementation framework.

Looking to make it more user-oriented by allowing the visitor to filter out specific categories (as per screenshot), as well as having the ability to filter using tabs.

Either the above or same layout as product hunt.

What we are looking for is completing the task above with minimal requests to the server.

Any suggestions or sample code?

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Hi @CarlSab you can achieve this by following this tutorial on the Algolia website: Including multiple result types | Autocomplete | Algolia

You could also use InstantSearch.js and build a multi index search:

Using InstantSearch.js will provide you even more flexibility in term of implementation.

@vvo thanks! Will work on it and let you know if any hiccups :slight_smile: