Find inspiration from nature @ uses Algolia’s WP plugin to facilitate use of the autocomplete and instantsearch libraries. Start here: AskNature also uses Algolia instantsearch for its member search tools (must be a member to see this) at


I love the use of heavy graphics to bring interest to the articles. Also, your use of highlighting is fantastic.

Question: Have you thought about using endless scrolling at the bottom of the page instead of the “Load more results” button?

Thanks Jason!

Yes, I’d love to replace the “Load More” button with an infinite/endless scrolling feature. I quite simply haven’t had the headspace to research/develop a working solution yet. I’d be psyched to learn about any plug-and-play solutions you might have up your sleeve.


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I’ve looked and I don’t see any easy way to do this as of now. I’ll keep an eye out and update this thread if I’m able to find a solution!

I actually like ‘Load More’ button on the website, maybe a little more results than now on but if there are important information in the footer it is useful to have the ability to access it.


Algolia sales person here, @ethan. I think I might start showing this on demo calls — awesome implementation, very visual and love the faceted approach. Thanks for doing a great job with our tech!

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That would be great, Gabriel! I’d be happy to give you some more backstory if it would help your pitches; let me know if you’d ever like to chat.

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