Find the nearest path

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Algolia, but I’m also a developer, so I think it won’t be that hard for me to understand.

This is my problem: I save trajets which are a collections of binded paths, and each path is a composed of two points - literally a vector. Now given two points, a start point and an end point, I need to find all paths whose start point is near the given one and same for the end point.

It’s the requirement for a bigger implemented using Firestone and I need it to be done without too overheats (because I could also load all before filtering inside the client, but that’s not the goal).

I really need your help, because it’s the key algorithm of my product.

Thank you for reading and I hope for any help.

Stephane S.L.

Hi @selastlambou I’m not sure that Algolia would be the right tool for this project. It sounds as though you may need to write a custom solution to find all the paths. Algolia won’t find a point near another point unless you are using a geolocation.