First access autocomplete search problem

Installed the Magento 1.9 plug-in, there seems to be a problem with autosuggest not working on the initial search. Subsequent searches work without a problem. It is almost also a script isn’t loading with the plug-in.

After it has been used for the first time. It works fine.

Is your website available online so I can have a look?

It is

I currently have some errors in the console that dont seem related to Algolia but probably breaks the search. Could you get them fixed and see if that also fixed the search issue?

I found this problem:
On live site is merging js, but Agolia does not work with js

You can see, on dev site does not merge js, it still works with Agolia :

I have still not had any response

Hello Richard,

I just checked your website and the errors mentioned by @julienbourdeau are still there. Could you try to target it? It looks like it’s blocking Algolia’s JavaScript to kick in and perform searches.

At the same time, you posted two same screenshots here and I don’t know what is the difference. Could you update those?