Flutter/Dart API client?

curious if there are any plans for one. Flutter is obviously still in beta, but it’s a platform with a ton of promise.


Hi @blaney.neil, we don’t get that much Dart requests but sometime we do like today indeed. We do not yet have a Dart client for Algolia but we would love to.

The source code for all our API client is open source and we document our REST API extensively, so why not give it a try and implement a simple Algolia Dart API client doing just a search?

Let me know how it goes.

yep, using the REST to hit the /query POST endpoint works great.

Please support for DART, i really need for Algolia + Flutter

I’m also interested in Dart support for an ambitious commercial project. I’ve found Dart to be ideal for cross-platform architecture given Flutter and AngularDart. I’d expect to see many others making the same choice in the coming years…I feel like this is a very valuable forward-looking strategy. A little much for a customer to implement a fully-featured API client. Probably 6k lines of code?

please provide dart plugin for Algolia. needed it very badly.

I’ve ported the Android SDK to Dart here => https://github.com/long1eu/algoliasearch

As far as Flutter goes, nothing prevents any of us from using the Algolia Android/Swift API clients and create a PlatformChannel for the functionalities that your app needs while an Official Algolia plugin is unavailable.

Hi @all,

Just like you’ll, I have been impatient for the official Dart SDK. So, I took @vvo advice and build a pure Dart Algolia SDK, which is independent of iOS / Android, thus it can be easily implemented in your non-Flutter projects (such as Dart website, DartAngular).

I have already published it on Dart’s website, here is the link https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/algolia
and there many more features to come in newer releases.

If you wish to contribute, you are most welcomed to join me.

@vvo this SDK can be the jump-start for Algolia team to quickly catch-up with Dart support.