[flutter web] category page?

Flutter web:
I have a collection where several people keep their personal address book.
How can I get a list of categories(labels)?

index: ‘allAddressBook’
data = {
String email,
String name,
List labels
String uid,

Category Labels:

  • member(20)
  • vip (2)
  • vvip(3)

algolia2022-10-21 1418082

algolia2022-10-21 1418083

algolia2022-10-21 141808

@patrick386 welcome to the community!

We covered building a Flutter application during an Algolia DevCon workshop in September, you can catch a recording of it here. I’ve included a timestamp to jump you to the section where they build the categorization part live.

Let me know how this works for you! You can also obtain the facet values via the API as well if you just wanted the raw values.