Free Trial Limitations Question

Hello all!

We just signed up for a free trail to test algolia out. We have a magento ecom site with around 55k products. Our free trial says xxxx/5,000,000 objects, yet it doesn’t seem to allow me to load more than 10k products. I’m sitting at 10,078 and any indexing I try just finishes and says success after 15 minutes or so, but no new products are added. Is this a limitation of the free trial, or something that I am doing wrong?


Hello @denise.schnider,

The trials on all our plans are just like the regular plans, with no limitation on the features. The only limitation is on the 14 days. So you should be able to fill your PRO plan with the 5.000.000 records.

If your indices only contain ~10k records while you have 55k, I would say the issue comes from the Magento side. Maybe @jan.petr can explain it better than I could?

I’m moving this question to the Magento subsection

Hello @denise.schnider,
are all of those products enabled, visible and on stock? The extension indexes only those products which should be found in search. So no invisible (even not visible individually) products will be indexed.

If you still have more than indexed products, the problem might be in timeout or in memory limit of the PHP.
What you can do is to enable the indexing queue feature, set up a queue runner cron job and reindex your data by using this feature.

More information you can find our indexing documentation:


Thanks for your response, it helped a LOT! I see that you do have this documented under products, and we were 100% concentrated on indexing so it didn’t click that is what we were dealing with. After looking it over however it looks like our products are all indexed properly.

I would recommend that you move the explanation of WHAT gets indexed to the indexing section above the products, or at least put a * see products note. I feel like in hindsight the answer was right in front of my face, but I was looking in the wrong place :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback!
Well, the “products” are sub-section of Indexing. Each section (Products, Categories, Pages, …) is indexed little bit differently. That’s why the description is under each of those sections.

Do you think that adding “indexing” to the subsection title would solve it? It’d look something like this:


Yeah, I think that would have made it click for me! Thanks again for the help, this is a lot to take in all at once, but such a cool product!

OK, definitely makes sense. Will make it happen. Thank you again for the feedback.

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