Free Trial Pricing Plan

Hi all,

I am much new to the Algolia Framework but I have set it up on a WordPress website I am currently working on. It works perfectly well actually which is very great.

I would however like to know about the pricing. The pricing page actually says that the Free version is free forever but on my Algolia Dashboard, I am seeing 16Day trial time. So my question is; does the Free period end after 16 Days?

The website is a minimal corporate website built on WordPress by the way and I was hoping the Free plan would always stay free.


The free plan will always be free.

By default, when you create an account, you will be set to a paid account for a trial period. This will allow you to test everything Algolia has to offer for 2 weeks. You can go the plan page here and choose to use the free plan if you prefer.

I hope you’ll enjoy our engine :slight_smile: