Frontend search field hint

Hello guys,

I’ve installed Algolia search extension to the Magento 1 and want to enable hint feature.
It would looks like this:

Unfortunately there is no mentions about this in settings area (in Magento admin panel).
The only thing was found is “hint” option in “js/algoliasearch/autocomplete.js”.
It was changed to true, but didn’t help.

How to enable hint feature?

P.S. When i’ve changed option in JS, new input with class “aa-hint” appeared in frontend, but it doesn’t filled in when i type anything.

I’m using “Algolia Search for Magento 1.6+”, Version number: 1.11.0 (with algoliaBundle 4.3.9).


I was rewrited “hint” option using “algoliaHookBeforeAutocompleteStart” function.
Effect is the same.

I found this feature in autocomplete.js
Seems Magento extension doesn’t have this function.
Hope i’m wrong.

Any help will be appreciated.