Full Text Search as most websites have

I have a record for a restaurant with the name of “Manual”. When I search for “Manual” it shows up in the hits, but when I search for “Manual Two” it doesn’t. I also noticed it doesn’t show up in search on Algolia’s website as well.
In essence, I would like to search Algolia for records in the same way one would search on Yelp, Uber, or any other database really. I thought that this type of search would be the default, but if it’s not, do you guys have some type of “profiles” to match search behaviors of common use cases, or is it as simple as changing a settings in the indices page? What do you recommend I do/change?

It sounds like your relevance settings need to be tweaked a little. We don’t do full text search as what I am expecting you are wanting however, you should be able to get relevant results be setting up your relevance configuration correct.

The below link goes over relevance and how to configure it. I would take a look here to start with.