- Visit Tokyo, visit Funawa!

In the beginning, is just an info website for Funawa company. We would like to attract more tourists to visit our website and then visit Funawa’s stores. So, we made our slogan “Visit Tokyo, visit Funawa!” We started to build an information portal about Tokyo. Tourists who are interested in visiting Tokyo can find useful information in our website. An important part of the portal is search feature in which we use Algolia search engine. From the search UI, we fill relevant information based on keywords and user’s usage history. We are still in research phase, so we use community plan. In production, we will use business plan.



Thanks for your post!
It’s cool to see how you’re implementing personalization through usage history.
What are some of your key learnings in building this piece of functionality?

Our key in filling relevant information based on user’s usage history is evaluating web page system which do by human.

First, we will evaluate all links on our indices based on How Funawa evaluate a web page?

Next, we track how user choose relevant links and our current search results. From there, we will find out the difference between user and us. If we found the difference, we will ask user to evaluate pages (only questions having different answers). After updating user’s evaluation, we will build search results based on user’s evaluation.

Last, we will add knowledge tags (information tags about link) to all links in our indices. Based on what users had chosen, we will guest what user concern and build relevant search results.

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