Gap between two rows when keyboard is hidden

When testing the instantsearch on android phone with the provided appId, apiKey and indexName, an unwanted gap is showing up between two rows when hiding the keyboard.
I am following ‘Getting Started’ guide.

dependency:- implementation 'com.algolia:instantsearch-androidx:1.14.0' (

(When keyboard is not hiding)

(When the keyboard is hidden after fetching few results and scrolling up and down)

Hello @sub.vivekkumar69, thanks for your report!

This seems due to your products’ itemLayout: likely it is the container’s layout_height which is set to match_parent, causing each item to fill the screen, instead of wrap_content.

Can you try to set the item container’s layout_height to wrap_content?
If that doesn’t help, can you share your current layout?

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Hey! Thanks for addressing my problem. The problem was solved :white_check_mark: . It was definitely related to containers layout_height property.

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