Gatsby Cloud Build Report Error


New here, and testing out Algolia with gatsby integration. Pretty impressed so far and everything is working ok.

I am aware Gatsby Cloud & gatsby-plugin-algolia are separate from Algolia but this is to give some context to the error.

So I get this error when running the cloud build:

"gatsby-plugin-algolia" threw an error while running the onPostBuild lifecycle:

Please provide an application ID. Usage: algoliasearch(applicationID, apiKey, opts)

Having read up on this else where,

and established everything is correct with the .env files regarding the API keys my question is.

Is this still failing because I am on the Free version of Algolia? My limits are well below the 10k. So before I delve into it further I just wanted to check to make sure I wouldn’t be going around in circles.


Not sure if you resolved this already but the Gatsby documentation says you could run into this error if you have not specified the keys on the Netlify side…

Hi @mark.lett, this should not be because you are on the free version, assuming you have not gone over your quota. If you are still having issues, could you email us as and provide us your application ID and as must information about your issue as possible so we can troubleshoot further?

I have actually fixed this now.
It was a case of having to pre-fix the env variables with GATSBY_ to get it to work with Gatsby.
But also add non-prefixed vars for it to work with Netlify.

So I basically had to have 2 sets of variables set up in my .env file:


Same for the API_KEY and the INDEX_NAME

Hope this assists someone else.