General questions about implementing filtering and functionality within the hit results

Hi there, first off, I’m not a developer . I’m a project manager with a basic understanding of html/css/js/php. I’m trying to assess whether we can use Algolia for a project before getting a developer involved to sort out the implementation. We are using Wordpress, Woo Commerce and ACF Fields.

From what I understand having successfully installed a demo locally, we can:

  • Use Algolia for site wide searching
  • Filter Posts like product grids (Woo commerce products) and Blog Posts.
  • We can edit instant.js widgets look and feel by using a css stylesheet, but not the markup of the widgets themselves.

Is that correct?

If so, what I’m unclear on is:

  • What can we display back as hits and how much functionality from Wordpress can be baked into the hits?

For example, we have some ‘card’ partials (php) with add to cart buttons, media playback buttons and some ACF (advanced custom fields) data. I’d like for Algolia to handle the filtering for the card grid, but for the cards to have their built-in functionality. Is this possible? If so, how do we approach this.

For example, all I saw was the ‘hits’ option, but it’s unclear to me how we determine what is ‘in’ the hit results and how much functionality can be baked into those results.

Thank you in advance.