General search query question (letgo like search)



Hello. I am very new to Algolia and I have a question about making a search like feature comparable to Letgo. I’m sure there are plenty of similar search functionalities, but this is the first example that came to my mind.

Say your data looks something like this:

  • iPhone 7 Plus, 128gb, AT&T
  • IPhone 6 16mb. Excellent condition
  • iphone 5 model 1429 unlocked silver
  • iPhone 7, 32gb, Verizon
  • iPhone 8+ 256gb GSM Unlocked
  • iPhone X, 64gb, Unlocked
  • iPhone 6

But when you search, you don’t get results for the direct products but rather a more general common terms shared between them. So maybe the search results would look something like:

  • iphone
  • iphone 7
  • iphone 6
  • iphone 5
  • iphone X

So I mainly want to group similar results together so I don’t have many very similar and redundant results. Is this something I can achieve in Algolia?


Hi there, yes you could achieve such a ranking by using our distinct feature: so that you can group results by iPhone main models/version

Or you build a search UI that would first display facets (facets being iPhone versions), using: (see refinementList or menu), and then only display results when one facet is clicked.

good luck