Generate Query Suggestion Index using (Javascript) Client instead of WEB Dashboard


I create the “normal” indexes with certain options on the first startup of my program if they do not exist yet. Now I also want do create related query suggesion indexes for them on the same time, also with certain options.

However, I have not seen any options/functions/calls to create such query suggestion indexes. Is it only possible to create them manually using the WEBs Dashboard?

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the query suggestions index can only be created via the dashboard indeed, the link being: Could you clarify what use case you have for programmatically making multiple query suggestions indices? Thanks!

I thought about something like:

  • create one query suggestion index for each language, when we have one index per each language, or
  • when we have e.g. > 1 different indexes and we want for each of this index a separate query suggestion index. E.g. one index for detailed search such as “products” (with prices, etc.). One flattened/generalized index for general search (which contain the “basic” information of the more detailed products), etc.

Would such use-cases make sense?

BTW: After another search, I possible have found something using REST API:

via the dashboard you can indeed make a query suggestion index per index you have, although it’s manual. The process with the rest api of course works as well, with the caveat that you’ll be maintaining the synchronisation manually.

Is it doable for you to create those query suggestion indices one time manually?

Currently it is OK, since we only have a few languages and a few indexes. But it would be nice to create a query suggestion index with some settings automatically in future with the clients. Therefore, would be a nice-to-have feature I think in the clients.

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I’ve put it on our feedback board, thanks for letting us know!