GeoLoc and InstantSearch

Bonjour, does all option and functionnality explained here are avaliable and usable with the Instant search Js ?

That’s interesting, I was looking for an answer to this exact question just now :smile:

Specifically, I would like geoDistance info on my returned Hits to show how far away they are from the searched position.

Any way to set getRankingInfo to true in the algoliasearch client?

You can add any search parameter using the configure widget of instantsearch.js:

You can then easily use it to add getRankingInfo: true, or aroundRadius.
As for the displaying of results, there’s a geoSearch widget allowing you to display the results on a map:

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OK, thks for your answer, my case is that i need to configure an product avalaibility by geoloc.
the product is located at NewYork, but can be also purchase in washington, boston and LA, so people looking to the offer from those 3 city should see the product even if it belong to NewYork Area.
the other case is that some products are All USA avalaible, so people looking from Boston should see all product but with a distance ranking (i ve seen the documentation about this point.)
What is the best way to do this, should i use multiple geoloc avalability info on the product, does the search will be done on all the geoloc infos?

I indeed believe that multiple _geoloc entries are all you need. :slight_smile: