Geolocation querying for countries with overlapping bounding boxes / viewports

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to implement geolocation search for the use case where the location being selected is a country whose bounding box / viewport (as returned by Google geolocation API) overlaps with another?

For example, we have users who input “Canada” into the location search bar, but all the top results are ones in the Northern United States, since Washington / Massachussets / etc all technically fall into Canada’s bounding box / viewport. I would like to ensure that only results within Canada are returned.

I thought of using a country’s border polygon dimensions instead of their rectangular bounding box / viewport, but unfortunately the Arrays for those polygon dimensions are gargantuan and would slow down our HTTP requests to a snail’s pace (just one country’s polygon array makes my local VS studio app crash lol).

Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem?