GeoSearch center selected marker

Greetings. I’m trying to implement the simpliest feature: focus (center the screen on) the marker in GeoSearch (react-instantsearch-dom-maps), but with no success. I tried to get access to GoogleMap’s ‘panTo’ method, I seeked through all possible props and could’t find it anywhere. I did find ‘Map’ prop in ‘google’ that ‘GoogleMapsLoader’ provides, I did instantiate the class, but it doesn’t have ‘panTo’ method. I’m lost and need help.
Let me tell you about my structure and what I want to implement:

|---------<MyComponent> - to visualize what is connected to this marker and provide a link to redirect
|---------<Marker />

The goal is to show the specific component that hangs above the marker when you click on it (already nailed that), but algolia has this default behaviour when it putting the camera in such way to show all found markers on the screen. So when you click on the marker that located at the top of the screen my poped up component is getting croped and you have to manually move map to see the full component.

I hope I’m enough explicit, please help.