geoSearch return the total results not paginated results

Howdy everyone,

On photo the “Search results” equal to 125 but on geoSearch widget its only show 21 which are our hitsPerPage limit. Is possible to render all results on geoSearch?

Your amount of displayed results will always be restricted to the hitsPerPage best results.
Indeed, the geoSearch widget can only display results your front-end has downloaded, and this is controlled by your hitsPerPage.

You can always increase this value, allowing you to display more results.

  1. The bigger the value, the longer it will be to download the result list. On slow connections, this might be an issue. At some point, the amount of results to display might also have a perfomance impact too because of the amount of elements to display / compute.
  2. There’s a limit to this value at 1000. You can increase it by also passing paginationLimitedTo, but then, point 1 applies even more.