Geosearch tie-breaking

As of late, we are needing a functionality with Geosearch that seems to not function correctly. We have over 500 results with the same lat/log coordinate. Geo is #1 on priority on our ranking list. After that, we have a created_at unix date. Because of your tie-breaking algorithm, it is expected that the same lat/long exists for 500 results, those 500 results should then be sorted by the created_at unix date because it is tied based on the same lat/long. For some reason this isn’t working, and the next ranking criteria is not being met. Is there a way to sort first by geo, tie broken by another field?

Hi there! What you’ve described should work – geo first followed by a unix timestamp criterion in the ranking formula should rank records with the exact same lat/long by unix timestamp.

I believe we also just got a request about this on – since it will be helpful to look at your particular index settings and records we’ll investigate through there, but post findings here for anyone else facing this issue!