Get all facet values if them more than 1k

Hi, I am using Algolia with Java API, could you please tell is there any way to retrieve ALL facet values from my index?

Now I am using SearchForFacetRequest() with setFacetQuery("*") from my backend side, but I can’t fetch more than 1k values according to platform restriction. I also tried using search with regular Query and retrieve facet values via getFacets() but problem is same, as I can see there is no way to use pagination to get next n facets using Query behavior.

I’ve tried to use JS algoliasearch-helper library to fetch facets but it also resticted on 1k values.

Could you please give me advice how to retrieve all facets? Maybe there is

Hello @stoksenatck,

There is no way to get all facets value. It is a limitation directly hardcoded in the engine.
As stated here:

Maybe you can explain a bit more what do you want to achieve so we can find another solution?

Best Regards

Not the kind of thing you want to do a lot, but this works for me (Python):

res = index.browse_objects({“query”: “”, “attributesToRetrieve”: [“myfacet”] })

Thank you for your quick reply, @samuel.bodin, @ken2. I think browse_object API is exactly what I need, in my case I don’t need to use any ranking or faceting benefits from search API, just retrieve all my facets values for inner application logic, not for search UI. Thank you for your help :3