Get category data by path

I have a category and need to get data of this category(name, meta keywords, include_in_menu, tags and other fields).

I trying to do it use custom widget.

var client = algoliaBundle.algoliasearch(algoliaConfig.applicationId, algoliaConfig.apiKey);
var index = client.initIndex(algoliaConfig.indexName + '_categories');

Thanks for any help.

Hi @projdevel,

If this doesn’t have to be done inside your code, you could see this information in your Algolia dashboard. If you need to do this from within your code, you could perform a search and see the list of fields in the results. If you need to get more information about the configuration, you can call ‘getSettings’ to get the configuration of your index.

Let me know if i’ve misunderstood your question.