Get cheapest product variation of same base product

we are having problems with applying a more advanced pre-filtering method in Algolia.
We have products that are the same but have different prices due to some extra specifications (e.g. the price changes given for how long you rent the specific item). However, we do not want to show ALL item price variations in the hits but only the cheapest one given the current filter settings. How could we achieve this?

Example: We have an Iphone you can rent for 1,2, or 3 months. The Iphone (hence productID) is the same but the price changes given the months you want to be renting it for. How would I only show the cheapest for each product ID, so we do not show the same Iphone thrice? If a user then changes a filter to lets say “minimum of 3 months” it would only show the 3 month option but not 1 and 2 month.

We tried to normalise the data by using an array for the prices but I am not sure how you can use (if at all) arrays to filter in Algolia.